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Wrong Number

March 19, 2008

There is a phone on my desk at work.  No one ever, in my tenure here, has called me on it.

To clarify, called me on it looking for me.

Today the phone rang softly, as it is pushed to the farthest corner of the desk, forlorn and forgotten.  It was again, a wrong number.  The conversation went as follows:

Her: “Hello may I speak to your customer service representative?”
Me: “I think you have the wrong number.  Who are you trying to reach?”
Her: “Progressive?”
Me: “You have the wrong number.”
Her: “I mean, I’m from Progressive.  I’m calling for <my company>.”
Me: “Ok.  Well we don’t have a customer service department.”
Her: “Well who would I speak to if I had a problem with your product?”
Me: “Which product would that be?”

There is a pause before she says: “…Any?”

I chuckle softly and answer “Well I guess I don’t know.”