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Blog Stats on WordPress

March 22, 2008

I has them. is cool. I’ve used Blogger before but I like WordPress better. They’ve added some nice upgrades over the past years. On of them is the “Blog Stats” option, which shows you a simple set of metrics on how people find your site. There is a section for “search terms” used to find your site (ie. from Google, Yahoo, whatever) and also for which sites directly linked to you. You can see what people clicked on, number of hits daily, etc.

All that kind of thing.

The last site I had, (now defunct), got a lot of traffic from search engines because I had jokingly mentioned Kirstie Alley once. When I say “a lot” I mean over 10 hits a day, which is a goodly chunk for a small time douche blogger like myself. Most hits on this site now seem to come from the search “Bon Iver” (or something related.) That is awesome because people need to listen to his music. Now.

Anyway, today as I work/blog from home I saw I got a hit from a link here:

The post is in French. GoogleTranslated, it reads:

Repost perhaps, but I tell myself that there is in there for lolknuts matter … (I also found, yesterday, provided he has not thought about filing the patent …)

The thought of a French person (or anyone) searching for “lolknut” pictures made me chuckle.