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Black Keys – It’s a no go, folks

March 22, 2008

I just got into the Black Keys earlier this month, after seeing a random post on Stereogum. I then proceeded to listen to their albums “Magic Potion” and “Thickfreakness” almost every day via Rhapsody. I saw they had a new album coming out, which means 1 thing: Tour!

However at this point, it was already too late to get tickets to their show at First Ave, as it was sold out.

I checked Ticketmaster. I checked First Avenue’s website. I checked Nick’s Sports World and the Electric Fetus. No tickets to be found. I cursed the gods of Poor Timing.

I went to

Many poor souls like myself were searching for tickets. I finally found a post of an individual who was selling 4 tickets for $50 each. This was an $18 a ticket dollar show.

A bit steep. But when it comes down to it, I liked this band, and the possibility of bootlegging their show was worth $50 to me. In addition, I have, in the past, been known to buy extra tickets to popular shows and resell them at higher cost. Some unenlightened souls may call this practice Scalping.

I also call it Scalping.

So at this point, $50… I figure: what goes around comes around. No dice though, Mr. Craigslist was also sold out. So I checked eBay.

Scalping is now legal in Minnesota which means there are ticket dealers and websites dedicated to scalping. Such a website did have tickets available. The price?

$175.00 each.

I fold.