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The Black Keys – Must Listen!

March 14, 2008

Two days ago I got really into The Black Keys.

This is the beauty of Rhapsody’s music service. You pay $12 a month to stream music from a huge catalog of music. This catalog contains pretty much every artist you’ve ever heard of, minus those who have a stranglehold on their rights, (such as Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.) If you happen to be like me, and you’re either at your computer for hours a day at work, or you have a computer in the room you most frequent (the “salle de choix” to use the French) then there is just no reason not to have Rhapsody.

Other than the fact that you hate music.

Anyway back to The Black Keys. They’ve been around for ages but I had never heard them before. They’ve got this heavy, raw blues sound that brings me right back to the classic rock I was inundated with as a kid. I can get over the fuzz tone on Daniel Auerbach’s guitar. It sounds awesome. Some might call it timeless… others might call it tired. I’m in the former camp.

I can’t find any free mp3s to provide at this time; but that’s what we’ve got Youtube for!

One of my favorite songs right now

Some others:
The Black Keys “Your Touch”

Great live sound:
The Black Keys- “Thickfreakness” (Live)

If like me, you happen to live in the lovely (thawing) state of Minnesota, these guys are going to be at First Avenue next month, on Friday, April 11. (Tickets)

“Are you ready? Because we are going to f*** your ears.”

Their new album Attack & Release is out 4/1 on Nonesuch. keys photo