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Weekend Linkery

March 8, 2008

A couple links to stave off the weekend boredom.

‘Ice Man’ Climbs Everest in a Pair of Shorts
It’s a bitterly cold winter day and students on the University of Minnesota campus are bundled up, hurrying to their next class. Wim Hof, dressed in shorts, sandals and nothing else, appeared from the doorway of a school building.

He’s known as ‘The Ice Man.”

Incredible Photo of the Earth at Night
The “wild fire” notation is pretty cool.

Mapping a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Book
I got a laugh reading the endless ways you can “die” as compared to the 1 ending where you “win” (become rich.) I remember reading these and “cheating” my way to the good ending.

Gin and Juice – Dramatic Reading
Had this in my head for days after Anthony sent it over.
“Please: raise up off these N.U.Tees.”