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The Hives @ First Avenue – 02/28/08

March 1, 2008

The Hives at First Avenue were: Not bad! Got there a bit late due to the snow and traffic conditions. My younger bro came over and we got to First Ave around 8:00, thirty minutes after the show started and somehow there was still a line to get into the place. Don’t know why.

As is typical in these parts, outside the club an amicable gentleman approached us and queried “What’s happenin’?” I nodded, but my brother responded “Not shit dog, jus’ goin’ to this concert,” which I thought was awesome and will now reuse as my own. For this I award my brother Local Colloquialism Kudos.

Turns out this swarthy gentleman was today’s Daily Douche though. He asked us if we could help him out because “I’m homeless man.” This is not why he was a douche. I gave him some money regardless. What made him a douche was his response to my brother asking him “Oh, shit, when did that happen?”

His response: “Yesterday.”

Homelessness. The overnight, now-you-see-em-now-you-don’t social phenomenon.

Moving on. This evening I was not wired to record. Recording tends to lessen the pure enjoyment of a show, as I am very paranoid about the resulting quality.

The Donnas were already playing when we arrived, so we only caught three of their songs. I had heard one of their albums before as a result of playing “Take It Off” on Guitar Hero 1. Their music is the sort of generic rock that hits or misses with me. In this case, misses.

Speaking of misses, they were all women. And man… the guitarist was H O double T hott. For two reasons:
Reason 1: Her guitar sounded awesome and she was rocking on that thing like nobody’s business, (although I wish it were mine.)
Reason 2: She had a huge amount of hair. We’re talking a larger than life rock star hairband haircut. Head-circling Metal Thrash hair. It looked FUCKING AWESOME on her and my brain almost caved in at her hotness. My brother turned to me immediately and said “Damn that guitarist is hot shit.”

My response: “Oh god yes.”

The Hives put on a good show. They sounded great and had a good stage presence. Frontman “Howlin'” Pelle Almqvist was a cocky bastard. In his brief interview in VitaMN he mentioned he used to get into a lot of fights in the early days. Now that they have some amount of acclaim, he is entitled to his cavalier arrogance. It was quite funny. Also his prominent Swedish accent somehow made him funnier.

He spoke between almost every song. A couple quotes:
– “A bet you two thousand dollars American. Which, really, compared to European money, is nothing. Am I right? Your currency has really gone downhill. Someone in your government fucked up, Minneapolis. But anyway, your money is worthless to us. We aren’t here for the money, we’re here because we fucking love you people.”
– “This next song we released on an album called Tyrannosaurus Hives. If you haven’t heard it, you’re going to fucking love it. And if you have heard the album, you’re really going to fucking love it.”
– “Are you ready to listen? Because we’re about to fuck your ears.”
-“Some of you may be asking yourselves the question, you may be asking yourselves, … why does he think he’s so god damned fantastic. Well, we’ve been answering that question for the last forty five minutes Minneapolis. Also, I think I am fantastic because this is the only thing I’m any fucking good at.”
-“We want you to fucking clap and scream like you would for Prince, Minneapolis.”

And so on. My brother and I pogo’d in the floor for the first six or seven songs and then had to call it, due to the fact he was wearing a sweatshirt and “wasn’t used to that kind of thing.” We stood on the edge for the remainder, and commenced to leave before the encore because he is a noob and wanted a cigarette. Randy Fitzsimmons was elusive as always.

Couple other highlights: Almqvist climbing up the speakers and into the balcony, and when someone spat on the guitarist. It hit him in the hair, dripping down off his bangs and hanging there in front of his face in a long, viscous thread. It was fucking disgusting and he didn’t give a shit, and thus I award him Spirit of Rockulence Kudos.