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New Music Sampler – Volume 1

March 7, 2008

Some of my favorite new music for you to enjoy. I’ve been emailing the below mp3s to my friends for the past month — here’s a way for anyone else interested to get hold of them.
(All mp3s downloaded legally from the web, largely from You can listen to them in the browser or download them for yourself.

1900s – Everybody’s Got a Collection
One of my favorite new bands. They’ve got a bit of a Belle and Sebastian feel to them. Unfortunately their sole release is not readily available and they are not touring here (Whyyyy gaaaaaahd?) … yet. I seriously need to pick up their album from their website, because I’ve played the singles I’ve found on the net way, way too many times. Give them a listen and impress your friends by being ahead of the times, man. (Link to their website)

Magnetic Fields – Too Drunk to Dream
These guys have been around for a while now, but I just got into them recently thanks to T. Ruth. This is one of my favorite tracks off their new album Distortion. The heavy, buzzing Jesus and Mary Chain distortion drives me wild with desire. Desire to crank my stereo to the maximum! (Link to their website)

The Raveonettes – Black-White
Distortion! Yes! YEAAAAAAAAS! More. MOAR! This pair from Denmark just released a great album entitled Lust Lust Lust. This track is not on that album, it’s part of some marketing campaign GAP is doing. I don’t care about that but this track is hot like black medieval tar searing the flesh from your bones. Your bones of love. (Link to their website)

Gnarls Barkley – Run
Everyone knows Gnarls Barkley. Even Jack White was covering their single. Did a damn good job too. This is their newest single for their upcoming release in April of this year. (Link to their website)

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
The most over-hyped band this winter. We’ll see how they stand up to their album in April at the Turf Club. This song got plenty of pre-release play on my headphones. (Link to their website)

Tyler Ramsey – Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea
Not sure on this dude’s story just yet. Caught an interview on NPR, I guess he’s been touring with Band of Horses lately. This song is enjoyable, albeit pretty simple. His voice reminds me of Mark Kozelek. (Link to his website)

Thom Yorke – Reckoner (Acoustic)
One of my favorite tracks off Radiohead’s release In Rainbows. Solo acoustic by Thom Yorke — you can’t beat that ladies and gentlemen! If I was a bob-headed girl at a Beatles concert I would be screaming a stain in my undies.

Bon Iver – Flume (live)

Justin Vernon is from Eau Claire, WI. He recorded this album in his family’s cabin. He’s touring now. Stop what you are doing and buy this album immediately. If you already have it, buy it again for a friend. Buy it for a friend’s girlfriend. It’s that good. Good enough to tame that bitch who has Dave whipped. This live cut from his performance at the Turf Club entranced the entire audience, me included. (Link to his website)