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March 4, 2008

You may remember some cutesy news stories months ago regarding Knut, the orphaned polar bear cub. He was taken in by the Berlin Zoo amidst criticism.

Here he is as a cub:

Knut Cub Pic
Knut, pictured in the Gumdrop Meadows of Fairieland



And here he is now, at one year old.

Knut, man-slaughtering abomination of Valhalla


Dailymail has the story here.
In response, I’ve crafted a few of my own lolknuts. (Click the image for link to a hi-res version.)


knut do want pic




knut oh hai pic




knut teef pic




knut goggles pic


Tell you one thing though, that kid has bigger balls than than Surya. And his balls are huge.