Mr. Cool ICE

Mr. Cool ICE is quite popular on the internet. A friend showed me this other blog which posted something similar to me 19 days after my original post. Not that I trademarked the word “douche” or the use of that photo of “Mr. Cool ICE”. This is a just a good example of what blogging is about: robbing everyone else on the internet.

Mr. Cool ICE is German. (I think?) And as far as I can tell, quite proud of his tattoos. For now. If anyone speaks german, I’d love a transcript of some of this video.

“Ich bin Mr. Cool ICE”


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One Response to “Mr. Cool ICE”

  1. vcmc Says:

    the other blogger seems to have made the mistake of thinking ‘douchebag’ is more than one word. you obviously have that advantage over him.

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